Best Laptop for College Students in India

Best Laptop for College Students in India

Whilst purchasing the budget laptop, first you need to keep your expectations in check, but if the budget is 30000 Rs, you truly have to consider that seriously! That is 2021, today you do not have to spend lots of cash to purchase a fantastic laptop because today many laptops from the Indian marketplace provide … Read more

VIT Vellore vs VIT Chennai which is Better?

vit vellore vs vit chennai

Obviously, VIT Vellore is the winner. VIT Vellore has good MHRD nirf Ranking than VIT Chennai. VIT Vellore is bigger and quite older than VIT Chennai. If you talk about college annual fest then VIT Vellore is known for its awesome fests like Riviera and Gravitas. Riviera is one of the top five best college … Read more

Is VIT Vellore Good for Biotechnology?

Is VIT Vellore Good for Biotechnology?

VIT Vellore is really good for Biotechnology. VIT Vellore provides well, and advanced infrastructure for Biotechnology. Faculties are really well experienced and free to interact for any queries. There is a good infrastructure for Biotechnology Labs with well-equipped equipment. If you are planning to join VIT Vellore for Biotechnology, then you can. You would get … Read more

Is VIT Vellore good for MBA?

is VIT Vellore good for MBA?

VIT Vellore offers 2 years  MBA programme. VIT Vellore provides good infrastructure for 2 years of MBA as well. All the faculties member from Business School, and having industry exposure, which is really important for an MBA. MBA in VIT Vellore is a really good opportunity. VIT Vellore provides an excellent infrastructure for MBA like … Read more

Is VIT Vellore Good for CSE Computer Science Engineering?

Is VIT Vellore Good for CSE

Absolutely Yes, VIT Vellore is always good for CSE, and it’s known for Computer Science Engineering. I am From VIT Vellore CSE Branch; Computer Science Engineering is a dream for everyone here. Students from CSE branch gets a decent package than another Engineering branch. If you didn’t get CSE in IIT/NIT/IIIT/State Gov./BITS Pilani then Don’t … Read more

How to Write Research Paper Abstract

How to Write Research Paper Abstract and Introduction

Writing an abstract and for a research paper is easy, so you just need to care about some steps. Abstract of a research paper should contain short summary of paper like a short trailer of the picture. You just need to keep the main highlighted goal of your research paper ideas in Abstract part. Many … Read more

Deadlock Prevention and Avoidance in Operating System

deadlock prevention and avoidance in operating system (Techniques and algorithms)

In our real-time computer system deadlock is happened when a set of processes gets blocked waiting for the resource until the resource gets released by another blocked process in that set. The most common approach to avoid deadlock is that we have to apply prevention techniques so that there is no possibility to occur deadlock … Read more